HWA Club

Being a member of the Help With Admin Club helps you plan, saves you time and puts you back in control of your business.

Plan Your Week

Start your week off with planning support, motivation and accountability.

The PYW 3 Steps To Better Planning
1 – Write It Down
If you write it down tasks or events it helps memory retention as you are running the the event in your mind as your write it down and if you do forget things you can remind yourself by looking at it.
2 – Look At It
The number of people who write things down and then stop and then when they have missed a thing turn round and say “Look I even wrote it down”! Get in to the habit of reading your diary and to do list every morning and then by Sunday you will have reminded yourself 7 times what you have to do.
3 – Tell Somebody
Via the PYW sessions you will go through your list and like writing it down you will give yourself a reminder and the other person can give you accountability and motivation through the Plan Your Week Facebook Group.

Plan Your Week

Focus Zone

Focus Zones lower stress, help concentration and help you complete your goals.

Focus Zones provide hints and tips in 4 important areas of business admin whilst also providing a space for you to turn off your phone and tell people you are busy allowing you to concentrate on those demanding tasks you keep putting off.Start your week off with planning support, motivation and accountability.


Focus Zone attendees will be encouraged to bring tasks related to that month’s topic to either work on or ask for help with a problem.

Sessions are also an ideal time to focus on tasks such as:-

Finishing off work to meet deadlines.



Learning lines/speeches.


Or planning your next year/book/workshop etc.

Focus Zone

Timesheet Challenge

‘I’ll just spend half an hour answering emails’ or ‘I’m not sure what I’ve done all day but it’s 5pm’

Do you find yourself muttering the above or similar lines?

Then take my 3 step Timesheet Challenge and find out where you time goes.

Step 1 – Download The Timesheet Challenge Spreadsheet
You will be given a link to our FREE Timesheet.
Step 2 – Take The Timesheet Challenge
Then for 1 whole week (Mon – Sun) time yourself for every tasks you do throughout the day and log it on your downloaded spreadsheet putting the task in the first column and paid or unpaid in the second.
Step 3 – Arrange Your Spreadsheet Review

During your review we will go through your results and look the 3 following areas:-

Which tasks could you stop doing?

Which tasks need doing by you but could be done more efficiently?

Which tasks could you pass on to somebody else to do?

You will go away with a plan of how to improve your time management and make sure you are only doing the tasks you need to do and only those that drive your business forward.

Timesheet Challenge

£5 off the HWA Hourly rate

Have you done all the do it yourself workshops and still don’t have enough time to do everything?

Below is the 5 top tasks that Help With Admin carry out on a regular basis or click on “Learn More” for full details of admin support available.

Get in touch for your FREE consultation and we will set out a plan of What you need to keep doing, what can be stopped and what tasks I can carry out on your behalf to give you back that time and energy to move your business forward.

Note taking

Book Keeping

Event Planning

Social Media updates

Website updates


Plan Your Week

£ 30 / Per month
  • 4 x Plan Your Week
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

HWA Club

£ 50 / Per month
  • 4 x Plan Your Week
  • 4 x Focus Zone
  • 1 x Timesheet Challenge
  • £5 off the HWA Hourly Rate

Focus Zone

$ 9
/ Per month
  • 4 x Focus Zone
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Acountability
  • Change to get things done
Steve at Help with Admin was referred to me for his professionalism and experience in admin duties.

I decided to go with Steve and Help with Admin and I have not looked back, I class Steve as an integral part of my business now and cannot thank him enough for this help and his assistance.
Chris Ackroyd
Colour Coded UK

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