Tools To Help You Be More Organised


Business Calendar App –

One of the best ways to be more organised is to consolidate your dairies in to one thing and this app does that as it works on Phone, tablet and PC and syncs instantly to the other devices. There are many other similar apps but I like this one the best because even on the monthly setting it still gives you most of the words of the first 4 items in that day’s diary where as some calendars when you go to week or month view just show a colour or the first item and a +5 so you have to open the diary to the day page to find out what you are doing that day and extra steps can make you not look which causes problems further down the line.


Toggl –

A good time measuring app that again works on phone and PC. You click go, put in who you are working for, what task you are doing, get on with your task and press stop when you have finished. Simple and at the end of the week it produces a report for you to see how you spent your time.



Tripit –

I love this app, again it works on PC and Phone – It’s an events planner, You can add to the time line your event say a holiday or business meeting and then you can email to the app any travel tickets, event tickets or hotel reservations to the app and it will automatically update the timeline for you with the information and then you have all the information in one place for if you forget when you train is, what time the show starts or what seats you have booked on the flight home.

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